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The Advantages and Disadvantages of High Heel Shoes

Posted by steven jacob on October 19, 2011 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Nobodywill deny the fact that girls love to feel their shoe shelf withunlimited shoes. But is there a pair of high heels in your shelf too?You may or may not have, but there is not any harm at all to keep apair of them with you. There are instances when need of a high heelbecomes necessary.

Well,there are many women who love to wear these shoes (In Swedish Skor)all the time. Wearing high heel shoes continuously sometimes cancreate lots of trouble. You must be aware of all these threats andknow how to properly use these shoes. Knowing the ins and outs ofhigh heels will let you know when to go with these shoes and when youshould avoid them.

Hereare some of the common advantages and disadvantages of high heelshoes(In Swedish Skor),which you must keep in mind while using a pair of them.


Wearing a high heel makes you look longer. This will give you an added advantage to match your height with your boyfriend or husband. If you look taller than your partner, you are sure to get some appreciations in the next event you move together. Not only this, a pair of high heels makes you look thinner too.

High heel are a great apparel to keep you fashionable and trendy. If you can perfectly match all your apparels with the high heels then you will definitely look gorgeous and outstanding among all others around you.

You will get so many varieties of high heels available in the market. That it shouldn’t be a problem to find a perfect match for you.


Continuous use of high heels can sometime create pain in your back. It can also cause some kind problems to your feet.

Sometimes you may lose your body balance while wearing high heels. It will not only hurt your body but can lead you to some humiliating situations too.

A sudden broken heel can embarrass you like nothing else. Although you are careful about these and use them properly, however you never know when anything like this may happen to you.

Well,these are all the advantages and disadvantages of high heels shoesthat you should keep in mind while buying the next pair of them.


Friis and Company shoes - Shoes To fit my every mood

Posted by steven jacob on October 14, 2011 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

There’snothing more irresistible than a great pair of heels. Whenever I’mfeeling blue or under weather I head off to the nearest mall for someretail therapy and invariably end up in my favorite shoe/ bag/ beltstore. What can I say? I love my accessories.

AndI know I’m not alone in feeling this way. True fashionistas knowthat it’s the accessories that turn an outfit into a look. Evenhaut couture falls flat unless accessorized right and footwear playsa HUGE role. I mean can you imagine pairing a formal ball gown withbeach sandals or your favorite ‘little black dress’ with Uggs?

Yourchoice in footwear can make or break a look; which is why I loveFriis & Company shoes (InSwedish skor).Somehow, they seem to come up with a pair of shoesto fit my every mood, regardless of whether I want flirtyfemininity, power dressing or pure seduction.

Takefor example their delish lavender Zebora T-bar sandals. I literallylived in those the whole summer. The cute little bow in front makesit trés feminine while the open design isperfect for showing off your summer pedicure. Pair it with some slimfit jeans or capris and a peasant top or with your favorite sundressand you have the perfect summer look.

Ialso love their range of lace up ankle boots, especially the Zennieand Roska designs. I have a pair of tan Zennies and I love pairingthem with my floral sundress and a denim jacket. Somehow the contrastis just too perfect for words. And I’m planning on splurging on apair of dark grey Roskas for my very own as soon as I get my nextpaycheck. The statement heels and the rivets around the edges givethese shoes a truly fiercelook and I plan to pair them with a pair of skinny jeansand a jacket.

Finally,when it comes to more formal looks, I’m a diehard fan on pumps. Itruly believe that the right pair of pumps can turn even the mostboring of outfits into something special so these shoes are my go towear when I want to impress without seeming to try too hard. I woulddefinitely recommend getting the blue peep-toed Xina pumps since theyare perfect for both day as well as night wear.


Sandals To Suit Your Prom Dress

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Whengoing for the prom, sandals are the next important thing to the dressthat you need to take care. This is one accessory, among all otherthings, that will redefine the fashion for you and give you a greatlook. This is the time when you want to look your best and can'tleave any stone unturned in the endeavor. Even if you have the bestprom dress (In Swedish Klänningar)with you, and don't have the right complementing pair of sandals,there is definitely something missing over there. The shoes willlargely complement the design and color of your dress. Remember, yourcomplete appearance from the top to the bottom matters and you can'tjust ignore this important aspect about the shoes you wear. Yourcomplete personality can be greatly impacted with your choice of thesandals you wear.

Thetruth is that there is a wide range of prom shoes (In Swedish Skor)that are available to suit the clothing you wear and the size of yourfeet. In fact, this wide range makes the right selection much moredifficult for anybody. Whatever kind of feet you have; narrow, long,short, skinny or plump; you can be sure to find a pair of sandals foryou that suit best your apparel. This is one thing that will add toyour beauty. There are different kinds of prom shoes that you canfind in the market, the popular ones being the closed toe, open toe,flat heel, wide heel, short heel and many more; you can even findthese available in different colors. It is indeed advisable to selectthe right color to suit your gown the best. Additionally, don'tignore the fact that it should prove to be comfortable for you to addto your confidence when you walk. No doubt that choosing the rightpair will greatly boost your overall personality when it comes to theprom. You can choose to select one based on the styles that go withyour taste and the dress well. You can very well try on the differentvarieties available to find that perfect one for you.


The Latest Trends of High Heel Shoes in 2011

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Thereare so many different types of highheel shoes for women to choose from nowadays. Fashion and trendsare ever changing, so women are also becoming more adventurous andexperimental in their tastes in both clothes(in Swedish Kläder)and footwear. Black and brown are no longer the only colors thatwomen opt for when it comes to shoes. Colorful and unique designs arequite popular among women of all ages.

Animalprint high heel pumps are very popular. These are a great way to jazzup a simple black or neutral-colored dress. Zebra, leopard, tiger andsnake-skin prints can be found and in any color desired. Sequinedhigh heels pumps are another style loved by women. They are stylishand eye-catching and also another great way to dress up simpleoutfits whether it is a pantsuit or a dress. Highheel shoes (In Swedish Skor)come in bright colors like purple, green, blue and even yellownowadays. Many women love the colorful shoes that are now availableto them. Every woman has a style statement of her own to make andthese shoes say a lot about their taste and personality.

Thelatest trend in women’s footwear is the ankle length boot.These come with stiletto heels and are the hottest thing to hit themarket. They are popular among women of all ages. Younger women wearthem for all occasions, whether they are formal or casual. They areworn with jeans as well as dresses. They can be found in many stylesand made with different materials. You can find them in leather withstuds or other metallic embellishments or suede with lace andribbons. No matter what taste you have, ankle boots are available foreveryone.

Highheel sandals are another favorite among women’s shoes. They arefeminine and stylish. These too come in many designs. Straps made ofsatin are girly and compliment any dress. There are those withmetallic straps that are a bit edgier and modern. Sandals with stonework or flowers made of satin look great for formal occasionsespecially in the summer when teamed up with a great dress.

Tofind the best collections and deals, you can go online and find thebest stores on the Internet. Not only will you find a widercollection, you will find more brands and designers to choose from.Whether you are looking for funky heels or a more classic style, theyare all available in online stores.


Different Varieties And Purpose of Puma Shoes

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Pumashoeswerelaunched in the late 70’s like a soccer teaching footwear.Gradually these shoes have been worn for training in other sportsalso so its recognition improved. Puma has gained the place of thethird-largest shoe and the manufacturer of sports wear in the worldto Nike and Adidas. It is a German based company which is known forits football and soccer shoes. It has full range of styles anddesigns for men, women and children. These are very much comfortableshoes while running or walking or for any other purpose.

Pumashoes(In Swedish Skor)are available in different varieties and of different styles and thattoo for different purpose. Some of its varieties are:

Puma Complete: This shoes boost up in your running routine. It offers excellent comfort and it is available with full length of CELL cushioning and a long-lasting duo CELL crash pad in the heel. These CELL layers made up of elastomer and it greatly reduces the impact forces upon heel strike. As they are made up of a highly breathable antimicrobial material so your foot remains fresh and clean. You may afford to buy Puma Complete Running shoes (In Swedish Skor).

Puma Disc: It is having the same qualities as Puma Disc Blaze was having. You must buy this shoe as it promises a lot to provide you the comforts.

Puma Drift Cat: It is mainly used in Motorsport world and this is based on dynamic low profile formula and style. It is a slim- fitting leather lace up which also features tyre like tread on the rubber sole. All its features are such that it attracts the motorsport enthusiasts. It is available on many colors like black, white, red and so on.

Puma Drifter: It is having an arch support and also shock-absorbing EVA midsole. It is available with a Faux leather upper in a casual thong sandal style and having a round open toe. This shoes offer comfort due to fabric thong toe. It is also flexible two-toned midsole, textured rubber out sole for grip.

Puma Ducati Shoes: it is a global athletic brand which is of great importance for sports, life style and fashion.