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Consider Your Body Type Before You Purchase Long Dress For You

Posted by steven jacob on September 23, 2011 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Dependingupon the type of your body, you must put on the dresses. When you gofor shopping to buy new dresses then you must keep in your mind thatthe right dress can hide flaws.Longdresses (In Swedish Klänningar)arealso in great fashion but you should buy it after considering yourbody type. After considering your body type, you can accentuate thepositive and also downplay the areas which you don’t like. Itrequires finding out the flattering dress in order to fit your shapeirrespective of the type of your body.

  • You must choose a dress which skims over the lower half of your body. If the type of your body is pear shaped then go with the dresses which have an overall print. It will balance your figure. Try to wear a little bit long dress.

  • If you want a trendy look then go for empire waists that will elongate your figure. Don’t try to put on the dresses which are too poofy or girlish as it will make you look too young.

  • If you are not comfortable in showing off your legs then try to wear longer dress (In Swedish Klänning). You should find out the dress with a skirt that hits midcalf or longer.

  • If you choose layers of the dress then it will cover up a plus-sized figure. If you have pot on the baggy dresses, it will make you look bigger. Always choose a fabric which drapes on your body but does not cling. On a fuller figure, wrap dress is very much flattering.

  • Always go for dress with details on the bottom if you are having wider shoulders. For this type of body type, you can choose a dress which has beading on the skirt or a colorblock hem. If you have put a rounded neckline, then also it will make your shoulders to look narrower. Don’t put on the dress with puffy sleeves otherwise it will make your shoulders to look even wider.

  • If you are very thin then choose bold colors and patterns. Try to put on the dresses with full sleeves and ruching in the waist. Try to wear long dresses if you have very thin legs.


Advice and Shopping Tips While Purchasing Women Clothes

Posted by steven jacob on September 22, 2011 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Womenand clothes are directly related to each other. For each and everywoman the requirement of the clothes is numerous. Every where, youcan find out the boutiques which remain full of womenclothes(InSwedish Kläder)like T-shirts tunics, Top, Blausar etc. Boutiques are the small shopswhich specialize in selling certain types of merchandise. Theboutique which specialize in selling the women clothes can beespecially profitable as the idea of one kind of clothing may becomethe favorite of many women. When any fashion comes then it requiresto be showcased in a shop.

Tunicsare also in great fashion. It is made up from variety of fabric butusually it is made from knit jersey and sweater material. If you wearit with your leggings which comes down past your hips and rear thanit will give you an attractive look. You can also go for shortertunic which stops above your hips will give you an appearance for thegym versus night out. You can also put on a belt if you wish.

Dresses(In Swedish Klänningar)and skirts are also in great fashions as women clothes. You can weardresses and skirts which fall above your knees to suit with yourleggings. A close fitting, jersey knit dress along with wide belt atyour waist will work nicely with your leggings. Younger women looksvery smart and gives trendy look in leggings paired with denimminiskirts.

Tohave a good matching look, try to wear only roomy shirts that shouldnot fall beyond the middle of your thighs. Don’t wear a skin tightshirt with your leggings. While choosing the women clothes, you mustbe careful. Especially while choosing the shirt for your leggings,you must be careful in choosing it.

Whilechoosing the womenclothes, color of the clothes is also having its great importance.You must wear leggings which echo a color that already exists in youroutfit. Like if you have wear an outfit which has touching of brown,then brown leggings will match to your outfit. You can also wear ablack leggings paired with bright colored tops. This combination willdraw your attention away from legs to your hair and make up.