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The Advantages and Disadvantages of High Heel Shoes

Posted by steven jacob on October 19, 2011 at 1:15 AM

Nobodywill deny the fact that girls love to feel their shoe shelf withunlimited shoes. But is there a pair of high heels in your shelf too?You may or may not have, but there is not any harm at all to keep apair of them with you. There are instances when need of a high heelbecomes necessary.

Well,there are many women who love to wear these shoes (In Swedish Skor)all the time. Wearing high heel shoes continuously sometimes cancreate lots of trouble. You must be aware of all these threats andknow how to properly use these shoes. Knowing the ins and outs ofhigh heels will let you know when to go with these shoes and when youshould avoid them.

Hereare some of the common advantages and disadvantages of high heelshoes(In Swedish Skor),which you must keep in mind while using a pair of them.


Wearing a high heel makes you look longer. This will give you an added advantage to match your height with your boyfriend or husband. If you look taller than your partner, you are sure to get some appreciations in the next event you move together. Not only this, a pair of high heels makes you look thinner too.

High heel are a great apparel to keep you fashionable and trendy. If you can perfectly match all your apparels with the high heels then you will definitely look gorgeous and outstanding among all others around you.

You will get so many varieties of high heels available in the market. That it shouldn’t be a problem to find a perfect match for you.


Continuous use of high heels can sometime create pain in your back. It can also cause some kind problems to your feet.

Sometimes you may lose your body balance while wearing high heels. It will not only hurt your body but can lead you to some humiliating situations too.

A sudden broken heel can embarrass you like nothing else. Although you are careful about these and use them properly, however you never know when anything like this may happen to you.

Well,these are all the advantages and disadvantages of high heels shoesthat you should keep in mind while buying the next pair of them.


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